BE AFRAID … “to the ends of earth and heaven“

glass coffin PICKINGS – born-of-god KIM JONG IL is dead

The North’s official news agency, K.C.N.A., reported that coal production in the past three days shot up radically because miners “rose up heroically, turning their grief into strength and courage.”

MY DEAR LEADER surrounded by his special flower Kimjongilia, a begonia bred by Japanese botanist Mototeru Kamo and presented to KIM JONG IL as a birthday present in 1988.

the top five titles KIM JONG IL heldgeneral secretary of the ruling Workers’ Partychairman of the party’s Central Military Commissionpresidium member of the Politburochairman of the National Defense Commissionsupreme commander of the armed forces. The country honours him with a 10m-high rock carving on Mount Sokda in the south west calling him “PEERLESS PATRIOT”.

KIM JONG IL is expected to become the next client for embalming experts at the Research Institute for Biological Structures in Moscow.

Vladimir Lenin has been preserved for almost 90 years

He will join join the exclusive club of Communist tyrants like LENIN, STALIN, MAO ZEDONG and HO CHI MINH whose bodies have been pickled for posterity by Russian specialists. The maintenance of the body is said to cost more than $1 million a year. A secretive group of Russian technicians is said to travel to North Korea regularly to look after KIM IL SUNG  his father, “The Eternal President”.

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