WONSAN – port city on the EAST SEA of DPRK

Wonsan reflects real North Korean life

educational PICKINGS from my NORTH KOREAN DIARY 11.–21. April 2011

Soldier catches a cab



Wonsan - not the usual destination

is a pleasant surprise to me though it doesn’t seem to be a big draw for foreign tourists – we were the only 2 in town. It is a popular holiday resort for North Koreans in summer judged by the two big government owned hotels I see, both second class. It has a Childrens Camp for 2000 students and a beautiful old fashioned parc. Wonsan seems to be the centre of learning on the east coast with 10 universities.

Wonsan - center of learning - students' morning class

We visited the University of Agriculture, the Cooperative Model-Farm, the Childrens Camp, the local Gallery, the little island, the cloth shop.

After “sudden snow“ we had lunch at the Tourist Restaurant in Wonsan, by  North Korean standards a smallish and cosy place with a wood-burning stove which was in use, a friendly service and the best food I got in North Korea.

After “sudden snow" the stove comes in handy

At the restaurant in Wonsan - The stove is on

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    If you are ok, i’d like to use a picture of Wonsan sea to make a webzine. Please let me know it is available.

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