SEA SHELLS… and misunderstandings

most “effective“ PICKINGS from my NORTH KOREAN DIARY 11.–21. April 2011

Needless to say that if you wish to loose weight, eat SEA SHELL. Our driver offered me 4 kg of sea shell from the black market.

Black Market in North Korea!!! I must buy them! 4 kg cost 20 Euro which most likely was a month salary for some diver in Wonsan.

Most effective for sliming...

My driver was a nice guy he said he would grill them in the evening. That’s what he really did. When we arrived for the “grill party” at 7pm (sorry no photos) he had siphoned off a bottle of gasoline from the tank of his car, poured it over the outspread shells, took his cigarette lighter, lit the pile and soon the shells cracked open. I loved every one of them and ate as many as I could.

Three days later Tong Hui said that I walk “like a woman”! I felt dead sick. I had lost three kilos…(sorry, no photo).

But I got her wrong. I was mistaken in the belief that she had taken note of my misery which had slowed down my “restless eye”somewhat. She didn’t feel sorry for my physical condition.

"You move like a woman"!

To the contrary: She had observed my work habit during the last few days and let me feel that she knew what I was doing when I moved at snails’ pace gently forward, step by step to achieve a balance, holding the movie camera down, the monitor closed, looking to the other side while filming or taking a photo.

I was under constant surveillance. But I kept my focus obscured which made it difficult for her to see what I filmed, what photo I took, and to say NO to my activities.

Obscured Focus - difficult to deal with...

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