trekking in the hills of Mt Myohyang

sweat bead PICKINGS from my NORTH KOREAN DIARY 11.–21. April 2011

There is no trekking on your own like: “We will be back in 4 hours“. We need a permit and a guide for everything. trekking on your own in DPRK

Jürg is contemplating...

Ursula walking on granite

The hills of Mt Myoyang are steep rugged rocks and if we wander from the path it’s wilderness all around us. Deep ravines cut into huge elephant type rock formations we cross the deep ravines on small swing bridges.

The Hyangsan hotel is nearby

The Hyangsan, a 15-storey hotel with a fake waterfall and plastic deer in the lobby is for tourists and special guests who visit the gift shrine-temple-like warehouses of KIM IL SUNG and his son KIM YONG IL. On the top floor, it has a revolving restaurant, a North Korean hotel tradition.

Ursula, a very successful woman

Ursula reaching the top

Guide is waiting...

Deep ravine

On the way up

Snow in the hills

Snow in the hills

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