PUPLIC WORKS in progress, DPRK

MODEL-PICKINGS from my NORTH KOREAN DIARY 11.–21. April 2011

Public Works at the Cooperative Model-Farm, Wonsan-area, DPRK. Work in the main square of the Cooperative Model-Farm began when we passed by Kim IL Sung’s one-liner column.

Coincidence or showcase-project?

Coincidence or showcase project for us, the local guide didn’t particularly like it when I stayed back to take some photos and video. The workers noticed that something was not to the liking of my local guide and left.

Not quite sure...

I have to follow my two guides to make the tour around the Cooperative Model-Farm.

Please follow us...

KIM IL SUNG with his son KIM JONG IL at the Cooperative Model-Farm

I see the big mural art and listen to the history of the Farm, Kim IL Sung’s pet – like every project I have seen – all carried his portrait and his writing: hospitals, universities, railway stations, factories…  . At the hair salon I got my long wished-for hair cut.

Back at the square, work is in progress...

As we continued our tour, surprisingly, the workers were back in the main square beautifying the socle of Kim Il Sung’s thoughts. Work is in progress, mixing cement could not be interrupted, the job has to be finished. Though my guides press me to follow them, I finish my job too.

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